What are Mink Eyelashes?

Mink Fur eyelashes are the highest-grade eyelash on the market. They come in sizes ranging from short 7 mm to extra long 17mm. Additionally, they have several different curl patterns ranging from a straighter lash or J Curl to a more natural B curl or daring C curl which is completely curled upward. Because they are natural hairs and come from the shedding of the mink tail, the thickness of each hair is just like natural human eyelashes, fine and feathery. They are extremely soft, naturally glossy, curled and tapered to perfections to give you the most gorgeous eyes possible. My Lash Extensionz are free hand drawn, custom designed, and handmade of 100% natural mink fur. My Lash Extensionz can be worn 25-30 times with proper care. You’re receiving an all-natural virgin product; never chemically processed and never dyed. My Lash Extensionz Mink hair are all individually sterilized.

How is the Mink Fur Sourced?

We are proud to say that our mink fur is sourced from farm-raised Siberian mink. The hairs are shed from the tail usually in the summer to insure that no minks are harmed in the process. The collected hair is then sterilized and prepared for production.

My Lash Extensionz Minks vs Synthetic?

My Lash Extensionz has a superior quality over synthetic eyelashes. Our Mink eyelash are naturally shiny, flexible to movement, light as a feather, and holds a wonderful curl. My Lash Extensionz are so durable’ you can wear them 25-30 times. Synthetic fake eyelashes are rigid and heavy, making them uncomfortable to wear and uncomfortable to the gentle area around the eyes. These mass-produced, machine made synthetic lashes often look extremely unnatural and can only be used 1-3 times.

Why choose My Lash Extensionz over individual eyelash extensions?

My Lash Extensionz Mink Strips are much easier to apply than regular individual lash extensions. Our Mink Lashes consists of individual hair sewn to an easy to take home and apply strip. My Lash Extensionz offers the same beautiful, natural look as professional eyelash extensions, without spending a fortune ($200 to $350) and many hours at the beauty salon. With My Lash Extensionz, you can prevent from having to go to the salon every 2-3 weeks for a touch up that can cost you $70 to $100. Unlike semi-permanent, eyelash extensions that must be applied by a trained certified specialist, My Lash Extensionz can be quickly and easily self-applied and removed as needed. This allows you to sleep comfortably with a well-cleaned eye and take a comfortable shower.

Does My Lash Extensionz look fake or unnatural?

Absolutely not! My Lash Extensionz is soft, shiny, and tapered just like your natural lashes.

I am new to false eyelashes, why should I choose My Lash Extensionz over mascara?

If your natural lashes are short and sparse, you will not be able to get a lot of length and volume by just using mascara. My Lash Extensionz Mink hair will give you luscious and long lashes without compromising the natural look. To make it easier & fun: our Mink designers offers selective styles, ranging from natural to voluminous lashes.

How many lash styles do you carry in your collection?

We currently offer 18 Mink Lash styles for every occasion! We offer the best lash styles for your eye shape, to match your style and personality.

I am an Animal lover. Are the minks harmed for the production of the lashes?

My Lash Extensionz is 100% Animal Cruelty Free. My Lash Extensionz would like to address to the public that no harm has been done to these adorable fury animals. By seasonally collecting hair during shedding seasons (primarily summer) of the Siberian Mink, we incorporate compassion for animals and our environment in our company’s business practices while delivering a premium product to our clientele. My Lash Extensionz are animal cruelty free and made with Tender, Love, & Care. That’s our promise.

Are My Lash Extensionz chemically dyed?

Because we want the best look for our clienteles, we chose not to chemically color our lashes to preserve the natural feel and look to it. My Lash Extensionz is a natural black, which is the same color as the mink’s natural hair. This color is very similar to that of human eyelashes and will look amazing on everyone!

How are My Lash Extensionz made?

My Lash Extensionz are individually handmade by one of the finest lash production facilities in the world. Our Mink Lashes are made of the high-quality Siberian mink hair that is naturally shed during the shedding seasons. ALL My Lash Extensionz are collectively washed and sterilized in accordance with the United States & European guidelines.

What are Bottom Eyelashes?

My Lash Extensionz Bottom Lashes are strip eyelashes that can be worn along the lower lash line. Many celebrities often wear our lower lashes. They add drama and depth to the entire eye. They are great for editorial, special occasions, or just some nighttime fun.

Is it easy to apply My Lash Extensionz?

Our Mink Fur Eyelashes can be applied in less than five minutes. They are also much easier to apply than regular individual eyelash extensions. Enjoy the comfort of doing your own lashes right at home at a more affordable price. Applying you’re My Lash Extensionz is simple and easy to do.

I wear contacts; can I still wear My Lash Extensionz?

Yes! My Lash Extensionz are applied right above your lash line. Our lashes will not come in contact with your contact lenses.

I have very sensitive skin; can I still use My Lash Extensionz?

Most certainly! We use the finest quality Siberian mink hair that is washed and sterilized in accordance with strict United States & European guidelines. NO chemicals are used during the sanitation process of our lashes, making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

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